Australian bathymetry and topography, June 2005

Contact: Marine Data Manager, Geoscience Australia,

Geoscience Australia and the National Oceans Office carried out a joint venture project to produce a consistent, high-quality 9 arc second (0.0025 degree or ~250 m at the equator) bathymetric data grid of those parts of the Australian water column jurisdiction lying between 92E and 172E and 8S and 60S. As well as the waters adjacent to the continent of Australia and Tasmania, the area selected also covers the area of water column jurisdiction surrounding Macquarie Island, and the Australian Territories of Norfolk Island, Christmas Island, and Cocos (Keeling) Islands. The area selected does not include Australias marine jurisdiction off of the Territory of Heard and McDonald Islands and the Australian Antarctic Territory. The underlying data from which this grid is derived can only support this resolution in areas where direct bathymetric observations are sufficiently dense (e.g. where swath bathymetry data or digitised chart data exist). In areas where only track-line data exist, the grid resolution is high along-line but low perpendicular to lines. In areas where no sounding data are available, the grid is based on interpolated or indirectly observed bathymetry, and these data can only support a resolution of 2 arc minutes (2 nautical miles or ~3.7 km). The grid covers an area of approximately 41 million square kilometres. Its dimensions are 32003 x 20803 cells resulting in a file size slightly in excess of 1.3 Gb of 2-bytes integer numbers representing the bathymetric values. The grid synthesises approximately 1.7 billion observed data points. This grid is not suitable for use as an aid to navigation, or to replace any products produced by the Australian Hydrographic Service.

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