Di- and tri-nucleotide microsatellites in the deep sea squat 2 lobster Munida isos (Galatheidae) - Technical Paper

Eight polymorphic di- and tri-nucleotide microsatellite markers are reported for the deep
 sea invertebrate Munida isos from submarine mountains and continental slopes in south
eastern Australia. 140 putative microsatellite sequences were identified in 292 clones
from partial genomic libraries enriched for CA, GA, AAT and CCT motifs. Dinucleotide
loci were hypervariable with 33-43 alleles per locus and expected heterozygosities of 0.94-
0.96. Trinucleotide loci had 21-40 alleles per locus and expected heterozygosities 0.89-
0.96. As with many marine invertebrates, conformity to Hardy Weinberg proportions was
poor suggesting high incidence of null alleles.

See also Dataset item which supports this technical paper.

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