Exploring the Oceanic Shoals Commonwealth Marine Reserve Brochure - Fact sheet

Information and knowledge for much of the North and North-west regions of the Commonwealth Marine Reserve network is severely limited. In September 2012, the Marine Hub undertook a 21 day survey on the AIMS vessel RV Solander which included the Oceanic Shoals CMR, with the aim of contributing knowledge to support the Australian Government’s marine bioregional plans. Now that most of the follow-on research from this survey has been completed, a full-colour brochure has been produced that reports on the highlights of this voyage including sponge hotspots, vulnerable or near threatened hard coral species, new banks and pinnacles.  The brochure has been designed to present the highlights of what was learned in a way that is readily accessible to both managers of Australia’s marine estate and the general public that has an interest in marine habitats, in this case, one for which there is very little public awareness or educational resources. 

Where can I get a copy?

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