Fly-through of the Arafura Marine Park

Link to Fly-through =>  Fly-through of the Arafura Marine Park 2020

This fly-through video explores the seabed environments within Arafura Marine Park, offshore northern Australia. In November 2020, Geoscience Australia and the Australian Institute of Marine Science completed a voyage to map and characterise two areas of the park, Money Shoal and Pillar Bank.  Money Shoal is a shallow carbonate reef within the southern part of the park that supports a diverse range of corals and an abundant fish community, including reef sharks and grouper. In contrast, Pillar Bank is in deeper water (150 – 200 m) on the outer shelf and is characterised by sparse benthic communities of filter feeders on local rock outcrop and a relatively low diversity of fish. Funding for the survey was provided by the Australian Government’s National Environmental Science Program Marine Biodiversity Hub, with co-investment by GA and AIMS.

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