Fly-through of the Gascoyne Marine Park

This flythrough combines bathymetry with high-resolution imagery to highlight canyon environments within the Gascoyne Marine Park located offshore northwestern Australia. The Cape Range Canyon is a relatively narrow, linear canyon that initiates on the continental slope, but is connected to the shelf via a narrow channel. The walls of the canyon are steep and reveal a history of slumping and retrogressive failure, that have broadened the canyon over time. The floor contains a series of deep plunge pools, indicative of the action of sediment-laden turbidity currents in further eroding this canyon. Epibenthos within the canyons was relatively sparse and likely regulated by disturbance associated with sedimentation in the canyons. Rock overhangs often supported the highest densities of benthic suspension feeders, including glass sponges, octocorals and ascidians.

Link to video:    Seafloor Bathymetry of the Gascoyne Marine Park

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