Map-Based Portals for Marine Science Communication and Discovery: Report from July 2019 Workshop

Map-based portals are important to ensure current, relevant and reliable marine ecological data is readily available to a wide-range of users and stakeholders. This report describes the outcomes of a Marine Biodiversity Hub workshop held in July 2019 that hosted a discussion on “Map Based Portals for Marine Science Communication and Discovery”. Sixteen existing map-based web portals were presented and discussed with a range of end users to review and learn from the national experience. The users requirements were captured through the narrative of “User stories”, which provided useful information of explanations of the different portal features. We mapped the synergies between existing services, and using the “The Marine Data Landscape” presented at the workshop identified a variety of gaps, and captured new suggestions for future developments, including an assessment on the priority and feasibility of these new initiatives. Recommendations are provided to progress portal development.

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