NESP Marine Biodiversity Hub Research Plan - 2015 RPv1 - Project Proposals

This Research Plan for 2015 (RPv1) has been developed by the Marine Biodiversity Hub, in consultation with the Department of the Environment and Energy and other key stakeholders.

The purpose of the Research Plan is to outline:

  • the research priorities the Hub is funded to investigate
  • the research projects that will address these priorities
  • how the output of the research will be communicated and brokered to key stakeholders
  • how the impact of the research will be measured
  • how Hubs will work collaboratively within and across Hubs

This Research Plan also lists key staff and research organisations, and the risks needing to be monitored to ensure success.

Please note:

  • Project durations vary and may extend over a number of years. 
  • Where a project proposal involves significant changes, it will be updated and included in subsequent research plans.
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