NESP Marine Biodiversity Hub Strategic Plan 2017-2021

Purpose of strategic plan

This document articulates the Hub’s strategy to enhance understanding of Australia’s marine environment. This strategy, together with the National Environmental Science Program (NESP) research priorities, will inform the development and review of the Hub’s research plans and investments.


The NESP Marine Biodiversity Hub is a national collaboration of researchers formed to achieve the objectives and fulfil the outcomes of the NESP (see Attachment A). The national collaboration includes partners and collaborators that support the collection, analysis and interpretation of marine environmental data and information to enhance understanding of, and capacity to manage and conserve Australia’s marine environment

The Hub’s research is funded by NESP and by research partner contributions under a 50:50 funding arrangement. Research plans are developed to address the NESP research priorities (Attachment B) and to further the marine research interests of the Hub’s partners. The NESP program emphasises the importance of engagement and participation of research users, stakeholders and Indigenous communities and traditional owners in developing and implementing research plans. This strategic plan articulates the strategic direction for the Hub’s research efforts for the period 2015-2021.

The first version of the strategic plan was initiated in 2015 by the Steering Committee, developed by the Hub Leadership group (director, deputy director and chairperson) with input from the Partners Committee and Research Leadership Team. The second version of the plan was refined in 2016 to inform development of the 2017 and subsequent Research Plans. It will be periodically reviewed as required.


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