Occurrence of a Sharksucker Echeneis naucrates on a Northern River Shark Glyphis garricki in a tidal riverine habitat

Remoras (family Echeneidae) are teleost fishes adapted to hitchhiking behaviour on a variety of marine taxa. Three species have been documented in the waters of the Northern Territory, including the Sharksucker ('Echeneis naucrates'). Sharks are a preferred host for adult 'E. naucrates'. An additional host species, the Northern River Shark ('Glyphis garricki'), is reported here. A small (178 mm total length) 'E. naucrates' was found attached to a 'G. garricki' in tidal reaches of the West Alligator River in Kakadu National Park in October 2014. This is the first report of an echeneid fish on a shark of the genus 'Glyphis' ('river sharks').

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