The complete mitogenome of the Critically Endangered Largetooth Sawfish Pristis pristis (Rhinopristiformes, Pristidae) is presented in this study. The genome is 16,912 bp in length with a nucleotide base composition of 32.0% A, 26.5% C, 13.2% G, and 28.3% T, containing 37 genes typical of vertebrates. Two start (GTG and ATG) and two stop (TAG and TAA/T) codons are found in the protein-coding genes. The 22 tRNA genes range from 66 bp (tRNA-Ser2) to 75 bp (tRNA-Leu1). The tRNA-Pro gene is duplicated with an unknown sequence between the two copies. Bayesian phylogenetic reconstruction showed that P. pristis clusters with the Pristis clade with strong posterior probability (100%).

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