Review of fish of the genus Conocara (Alepocephalidae) from the continental slope of Australia and description of a new species C. paxtoni sp. nova
The paper provides a description of the genus Conocara (Alepocephalidae) and five species—C. kreffti, C. microlepis, C. murrayi, C. nigrum, and C. pastoni sp. n. that inhabit the continental slope of Australia. The key table includes also species that apparently inhabit waters of Australia, but have not been found here yet (C. fiolenti, C. werneri, C. bertelseni, and C. salmoneum). The species new for science—C. paxtoni sp. n.—has been described from a single individual from the Tasmanian Sea; this species clearly differs from the remaining representatives of Conocara in having strongly developed additional teeth rows at praemaxillare and mandibulare, relatively large scales on the body, and in the combination of several meristic characters and body proportions.
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