Seabed multi-beam backscatter mapping of the Australian continental margin

This poster was prepared for the GeoHab 2013 conference, Rome, 6 - 10 May 2013.

The Australian Marine National Facility, RV Southern Surveyor, was fitted with a Simrad EM300 multi-beam echosounder (swath mapper) at the end of 2003. Since then it has been mapping the seafloor around Australia on a variety of research and transit voyages, we have concentrated on mapping the continental margin (100 m – 1500 m) with emphasis on the upper slope (200 m – 700 m depth). This national data set is a useful resource for large scale marine management. Data on key ecological features, such as submarine canyons and seamounts, is available as is information on the distribution of hard and soft substrate that provide habitats suitable for attaching and burrowing fauna, respectively.

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