Seamounts Survey Voyage Report

The ‘Huon’ and ‘Tasman Fracture’ areas off southern Tasmania contain seamounts that support unique deep-sea coral reefs, which are part the Australian Marine Park network. This report presents findings of the RV Investigator voyage V06. The surveys aimed to determine the extent of deep-sea coral communities in and adjacent to the Huon and Tasman Fracture parks, and quantify changes in the communities on these seamounts since 1997 and 2007. The survey also sampled the St. Helens Seamount in north-east Tasmania which was previously surveyed in 2008. The study found that coral reefs extend from seamounts onto adjacent rocky areas, and also occur on small areas on the continental shelf edge, expanding their previously known distribution. The results will provide important data on recovery and resilience to bottom trawling on deep sea coral communities and improve our understanding of the dynamics of deep-sea communities.

The Marine Biodiversity Hub provided scientific leadership and communication support for this voyage.

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