This catalogue provides easy access to images, video, animations, maps and figures related to Marine Biodiversity Hub projects, and includes images generously provided by our partners and stakeholders.

Creative Commons, credit and permissions
Imagery is provided in accordance with Creative Commons licence CC 3.0.  The Hub also requests that users of database images credit the image authors. For images containing people, permission should be sought beforehand. Approval should also be given for the Hub to publish those images in print or electronic format.

New imagery
Marine Biodiversity Hub researchers can add imagery by logging into the website and using the Add Hub Imagery tab above this paragraph, or by making a direct request to All images are reviewed for content and quality before being posted.

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ID Location Topic Habitat Platform Species of Interest Attribution File
CSIRO small temperate fish holding facility
Spawning handfish in captivity at CSIRO
Soft sediments
Spotted handfish
CSIRO/Tim Lynch