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Communicating science visually
Images can be a very effective means for communicating science to broad audiences and the Marine Biodiversity Hub is working with its partners and stakeholders to improve access to interesting marine science images.

Easy access to images, videos, maps, figures
The Hub image database provides easy access to still images, video, animations, maps and figures so they can be freely used by scientists, government agencies and the general public. Available images have been generated from projects funded by the National Environmental Science Programme, National Environmental Research Program and the Commonwealth Environment Research Facility. The database also contains images provided to the Hub by its partners and stakeholders to illustrate indicative types of interesting images that have been generated from other marine science initiatives.

New imagery
The Hub will continue to add images to the database as its research progresses. Images can be uploaded by Marine Biodiversity Hub researchers by logging into the website, using the Add Hub Imagery tab above this paragraph, or by making a direct request to  The Hub will review all images for content and quality before they are posted. There will also be an annual award for the best still image and best video uploaded by a Hub researcher.

Creative Commons, Credit and Permissions
Imagery is provided in accordance with Creative Commons licence CC 3.0.  The Hub also requests that users of database images credit the image authors. For images containing people, permission should be sought beforehand.  Approval should also be given for the Hub to publish those images in print or electronic format.

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ID Location Topic Habitat Platform Species of Interest Attribution File
Oceanic Shoals CMR
Marine life
Reef / Shelf
Pelagic stereo-BRUVS
Great hammerhead shark
Tiger shark
Spot-tail shark
Grey reef shark
Giant trevally
Pigeye shark
Australian blacktip shark
Silky shark
Great barracuda
Black marlin
Longfin trevally
Unicorn leatherjacket
Manta ray
Olive ridley turtle
Sea snake
Killer Whale
University of Western Australia (UWA)