December 12, 2014

Wednesday 10 December 2014

The Australian Government has announced the successful organisations to lead research hubs under the $142.5 million National Environmental Science Programme (NESP). The programme will assist decision-makers to understand, manage and conserve Australia's environment by funding world-class biodiversity and climate science. This research will ensure decisions about managing Australia's biodiversity and environmental resources are made on the best available information.The Marine Biodiversity Hub is one of six hubs which will conduct this important research.

Under the NESP program, the Marine Biodiversity Hub will build national capacity for monitoring and reporting on coastal marine species and ecosystems, support national approaches to marine planning including research to support evidence-based decision making, and map and define the impact of sewerage outfalls on Australia’s marine environment.

This research will build on work which was previously funded by the National Environmental Research Programme (NERP) and the Commonwealth Environment Research Facilities program (CERF). The University of Tasmania will continue to be the home of the Marine Biodiversity Hub, led by Professor Nic Bax.

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(Image: School of Moorish idols (Zanclus cornutus) as recorded on Reef Life Survey volunteer transect, Lord Howe Island Marine Park, New South Wales.)