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30 April 2018

Marine sampling field manuals to support biodiversity monitoring at a national scale

The Field Manuals for Marine Sampling to Monitor Australian Waters are being championed as the way forward for nationally coordinated marine research and monitoring.

20 February 2018

Naming fish from the abyss

A team of scientists is gathering at the Australian National Fish Collection in Hobart this week to examine a collection of deep-sea fishes from Australia’s eastern abyss.

15 February 2018

Charting a future for Australia's threatened shellfish reefs

Most of Australia's once-widespread shellfish reefs have disappeared. A Hub study finds there is still time to arrest the decline, provided the threats that caused their destruction can be curtailed.

A White Shark fin with an electronic tag attached next to a research vessel
8 February 2018

Sibling DNA matches provide key data for white shark population estimates

Looking for brothers and sisters among juvenile white sharks has provided the final pieces of information needed to estimate the size of populations in Australian waters.

11 December 2017

Surfer scientists the next wave in ocean outfall monitoring

Surfboard sampling . . . we've been working with Sydney and Gold Coast community groups to develop ‘citizen science’ protocols for water-quality monitoring near ocean outfalls.

Daly River Sawfish RescueSept2016.  Image Michael Lawrence-Taylor
8 December 2017

Every sawfish counts: rescuing Largetooth Sawfish in the Daly River

See how a Marine Biodiversity Hub team rescued and relocated Largetooth Sawfish trapped in a drying floodplain waterhole.

Kate Buckley conducts Largetooth Sawfish research in the Adelaide River
16 November 2017

Identifying sharks and rays put at risk by harvesting for public aquaria

What to consider before permitting shark and ray species to be removed from the wild and displayed in public aquaria.

Rocky reef habitat in the Beagle CMR
13 September 2017

Port Jackson sharks assemble among the sponge gardens of Beagle Commonwealth Marine Reserve

A pilot survey in the Beagle Commonwealth Marine Reserve has found an unusually large group of Port Jackson sharks among sponge-covered deep rocky reefs.

Detail of sawfish painting by Theresa Lemon
31 August 2017

Making art, videos, signs and steps to save sawfish in Australia's northern rivers

An education package developed by the Hub is helping people look after vulnerable Largetooth Sawfish in the species' last remaining stronghold: the rivers of northern Australia.

12 July 2017

From Sydney to Melbourne, Hobart to Adelaide: microplastics litter the seafloor

Scientific sampling off south-eastern Australia has found high concentrations of microplastics in seafloor sediments, including along even remote stretches of coastline.


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