9 January 2017

Shark alert: what's going on beneath our waves?

The chances of being attacked by a shark are low but a spate of bites off north NSW and more beach closures in Victoria and WA have put beachgoers on edge. So what’s going on?

30 November 2016

As Australian shipping grows, how can we avoid collisions with marine animals?

We're determining where large marine animals are most in danger of colliding with vessels, to support a national strategy for reducing the risk.

Peter Kyne on the lookout for Largetooth Sawfish.
25 October 2016

Largetooth Sawfish prove elusive on the Daly River floodplain

A Marine Biodiversity Hub team sets out on a collaborative ‘search and rescue mission’ for threatened Largetooth Sawfish, building capacity for sawfish conservation along the way.

Marine Biodiversity Hub PhD student Lainey James on the RV Bluefin.
18 October 2016

RV Bluefin gives young scientists a first taste of research at sea

Lainey James and Margot Delaporte have completed their first trip aboard the Australian Maritime College Research Vessel Bluefin. The Hub research team revisited reef systems in the Freycinet Commonwealth Marine Reserve.

Andreas Klocker diving at the Freycinet CMR coral reef.
23 August 2016

'Extreme' citizen scientists film black corals at spectacular unexplored reef off Tasmania’s east coast

Deep ocean divers acting as citizen scientists have taken the first close-up look at stunning marine life on a deep granite reef in the Freycinet Commonwealth Marine Reserve off Bicheno, eastern Tasmania.

A juvenile male specimen caught in the West Alligator River of the Northern Territory. Image: P. Kyne
1 August 2016

Giant stingray comes out of hiding

A new species of giant stingray has been named after being encountered by scientists in northern Australian rivers, coastal Papua New Guinea and the Arafura Sea.

Data flows.  Jan Hogan, Tasmanian College of the Arts
27 July 2016

Oceans of the Unknown art-science exhibition - Hobart, August 2016

Marine Biodiversity Hub researcher Vanessa Lucieer and UTAS artists Jan Hogan and Annalise Rees explore the use of lines and imagery to communicate ideas about the unseen.

Taxonomist Tammy Iwasa Arai at the National Museum in Rio.
4 July 2016

New Oceanic Shoals crab species emerge from a web of taxonomic collaboration

Two hundred and sixty-six invertebrate species collected in 2012 as part of a Marine Biodiversity Hub survey at Oceanic Shoals Commonwealth Marine Reserve are taking a varied and cosmopolitan route to recognition.

Marine Biodiversity Hub project leader, Barry Bruce of CSIRO
1 July 2016

Barry Bruce recognised for outstanding contribution to marine research

Marine Biodiversity Hub researcher Barry Bruce of CSIRO has been awarded the 2016 Australian Marine Sciences Association (AMSA) Jubilee Award for outstanding contribution to marine research.

Malak Malak rangers survey threatened river sharks in northern Australia.
29 June 2016

Cross-Tasman panel to strengthen Indigenous voice in future marine science partnerships


Indigenous panellists from Australia and New Zealand will meet in Wellington, New Zealand, on Monday 4 July to consider ways for the marine science and Indigenous communities to engage more effectively in research partnerships.


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