2 July 2013

Short film highlights sawfish and river shark research

Watch researchers from the NERP Marine Biodiversity Hub and the Northern Australia Hub investigating the population size and movements of sawfish and river sharks in the waterways of Kakadu National Park. Video

In a collaborative project between these two hubs, researchers are investigating the population size and movements of sawfish, speartooth sharks and northern...

7 June 2013

Workshop on acoustics and automated video processing - 11 and 12 June 2013

This workshop aims to bring together CSIRO and invited external experts who have expertise or are currently working on the processing of acoustics data and automated video data processing for the purposes of fisheries and environmental monitoring. The applications of the acoustics and video data processing include, but not limited to, (1) reconstructing bathymetry maps, processing bathymetry and backscatter images produced from Multibeam Sonar Systems (MBSS) to generate products such as...

Mockup view of annotation interface along with relevant detail views (larger map view, environmental variables etc. Image: CATAMI
1 March 2013

New collaborative and automated tools for analysis of marine imagery and video

March 2013

A new tool to help transform raw underwater images into quantitative information useful for science and policy decisions has been developed by a team of scientists from Australian marine organisations, universities, and state and federal governments. 

The tool, known as CATAMI - Collaborative and Automated Tools for Analysis of Marine Imagery and video - will help the whole marine community by making it easier to aggregate, annotate and automate imagery thereby...

26 February 2013

So many fish, one great map

From identifying what's on the end of your fishing line, to finding out which fishes occur in your local waters, FishMap has the answers.

Link https://fish.ala.org.au/

12 February 2013

Media items of interest - 2013

February 2013

"Surveying an Australian Marine Frontier'

Read the UWA Oceans Institute News story on the voyage to the proposed Oceanic Shoals Commonwealth Marine Reserve.

"Researchers from The University of Western Australia’s Oceans Institute, the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), Geoscience Australia (GA), and the Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory (MGNT) have teamed up to map marine biodiversity in remote corners of the Timor Sea.

A 21...

16 November 2012

Have your say on the management plans for the new Commonwealth Marine Reserves

Commonwealth Marine Reserves draft management plans – open for public comment until 14 February

The Australian Government will release draft management plans on the newly proclaimed Commonwealth marine reserves for public comment.
The Government established the new Commonwealth marine reserves in November to protect Australia’s diverse range of marine ecosystems and habitats, and the life they support. The Director of National Parks will release draft management plans for the South-...

21 September 2012

Workshops with DSEWPaC - 21 to 23 August 2012

Project focused meetings were held between Hub theme leaders and the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communiites on 21 to 23 August 2012 in Woden, Canberra. 

Hub project leaders, theme leaders and researchers communicated project progress and sought feedback from the following areas of the Department:

Marine Division Policy and Sustainability Division Environmental Assessments and Compliance Division (EACD) Environmental Resources...
18 September 2012

Media items of interest - 2012

December 2012

Marine Matters

"Marine Biodiversity in the frame"

The Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) is working with a number of research projects that will influence development of the observing system into the future. In a project with the National  Environmental Research Program (NERP) Marine Biodiversity Hub, IMOS is providing data for use in development of a set of National Marine Ecological Indicators to monitor and evaluate the state of Australia’s marine...

Conservation Biology - Oceania 2012 conference
9 May 2012

Hub researchers hosting symposium at Oceania 2012

A symposium entitled ‘Spatial connectivity and the management of threatened marine species’ will be hosted by Kiki Dethmers (CDU postdoc), Mark Hamann (JCU Principal Research Fellow) and Hub researcher Peter Kyne at the Society of Conservation Biology – Oceania 2012 conference to be held at Charles Darwin University on 21–23 September.   (The theme of the conference is People and Conservation in Land and Sea Country.)



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