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April 2014  |  Newsletter of the Marine Biodiversity Hub
Map of sample sites and analysis regions for the five species complexes, Ophiuroids.  Image:  Tim O'Hara, Museum Victoria


What do studies on sharks, brittle-stars and marine reserves, and marine communities, have in common? Well, for one thing, they all require a level of collaboration.

Diver Holmes Reef, Coral Sea, Image Graham Edgar Reef Life Survey

Global survey finds recipe for effective marine parks

A survey of marine protected areas (MPAs) in 40 countries has found five elements common to the MPAs that best achieve biodiversity conservation goals, but these elements are lacking in many locations.

Scalloped Hammerhead Shark, Dubai market.  Image: William White, CSIRO

Sharks: global vision, local action

One quarter of the world's sharks and rays face extinction in the next few decades, according to the first global study to systematically assess their status and conservation.

Gunns leatherjacket.  Image Neville Barreet, University of Tasmania

Unpicking notions of tight-knit communities

A novel approach to the analysis of survey data is casting new light on the processes that shape marine communities.

Ophiacantha vivpara.  Image:  Tim O'Hara, Museum Victoria

Making star-studded maps of deep-sea connectivity

NERP Marine Biodiversity Hub scientists have been charting the rollercoaster rides of brittle-stars (ophiuroids) in a first step towards the detailed mapping of deep-seabed connectivity.