TitleLarge-scale distribution of three deep-water squaloid sharks:Integrating data on sex, maturity and environment
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of publication2014
AuthorsMoura, T, Jones, E, Clarke, MW, Cotton, CF, Crozier, P, Daley, RK, Diez, G, Dobby, H, Dyb, JE, Fossen, I, Irvine, SB, Jakobsdottir, K, López-Abellán, LJ, Lorance, P, Pascual-Alayón, P, Severino, RB, Figueiredo, I
JournalFisheries Research
Pagination47 - 61
Date published09 Jan 2014
KeywordsCommercial fishery data, Deep-sea, Life stage, Population structure, Survey dataa
Short titleFisheries Research
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