TitleSpecies traits and climate velocity explain geographic range shifts in an ocean-warming hotspot
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of publication2015
AuthorsSunday, JM, Pecl, GT, Frusher, S, Hobday, AJ, Hill, NA, Holbrook, NJ, Edgar, GJ, Rick D Stuart-Smith, Barrett, NS, Wernberg, T, Watson, RA, Smale, DA, Fulton, EA, Slawinski, D, Feng, M, Radford, BT, Thompson, PA, Bates, AE
Secondary AuthorsWorm, B
JournalEcology Letters
Pagination944 - 953
Date published01 Sep 2015
Keywordsbenthic invertebrates, climate change, climate response, Fishes, functional traits, invasion, range expansion, range shifts, range size
Short titleEcol Lett
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