Authors Title Year of publication Document type
P.T. Hedge; I. van Putten; C. Hunter; M. Fischer First national-scale snapshot of how marine researchers engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities 2020 Posters and banners
P.M. Kyne; L. Bell; B. Bennett; P. Feutry Northern River Shark project summary - poster 2020 Posters and banners
R.D. Stuart-Smith; T. Lynch; J.F. Stuart-Smith; B. Bennett Free double-sided poster: Code Red Project Handfish 2019 Posters and banners
L. Gunton; E. Kupriyanova; P. Hutchings; R. Wilson; A. Murray; H. Paxton; I. Burghardt; J. Zhang; T. O'Hara Polychaetes from Australia’s Eastern Abyss 2018 Posters and banners
R. Przeslawski; S.D. Foster Gear Up - Field manuals for marine sampling 2018 Posters and banners
R.D. Stuart-Smith; G.J. Edgar Colours of the Coral Sea 2017 Posters and banners
A. Ozimec Marine Biodiversity Hub banner 2016 2016 Posters and banners
P.M. Kyne Poster: Sharks and Rays of Northern Australian Rivers 2016 Posters and banners
K. Picard; L. Radke; J.P.W. Siwabessy; F. Howard; S.L. Nichol The use of seabed scoured depressions as a proxy for near-seabed flow 2014 Posters and banners
S.D. Foster; D.I. Warton; F.K.C. Hui; R. Darnell; G. Givens; G.J. Dornan Mixture models for multi-species and environmental data 2014 Posters and banners
Z. Huang; J.T. Kool; S.L. Nichol Submarine Canyon Mapping 2014 Posters and banners
F. Althaus; A. Ozimec Putting names to a sea of faces - standardising the flora and fauna classification of Australian marine images (CATAMI) 2014 Posters and banners
L. Thomas; M. Stat; W.J. Kennington; G. Shedrawi; G.A. Kendrick Population structure in the Pocillopora damicornis cryptic species complex along Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia 2013 Posters and banners
L. Thomas; W.J. Kennington; Z.T. Richards; G.A. Kendrick; M. Stat Unravelling Symbiodinium diversity with next generation sequencing from environmental extremes of Western Australia 2013 Posters and banners
L. Avery; R.S. Wilson Polychaete diversity from western and northwestern Australia 2013 Posters and banners
M. Dolan; V.L. Lucieer The new wave of bathymetry data - uses and limitations for marine benthic habitat mapping and geomorphology 2013 Posters and banners
G. Keith; R.J. Kloser Seabed multi-beam backscatter mapping of the Australian continental margin 2013 Posters and banners
N. Andreakis Exploring Australia’s Fish diversity 2013 Posters and banners
A.A. Rogers; M. Burton; D. Pannell Social licence to operate and marine offsets 2013 Posters and banners
K. Moore Southern Ocean octocorals and Norwegian taxonomic riddles 2012 Posters and banners
N. Bax Deepwater emergent Patagonian Coral Fields 2012 Posters and banners
P. Hedge Marine Biodiversity Hub Banner 2012 2012 Posters and banners
R.J. Kloser; G. Keith; M. Sherlock National mapping of deepwater biotopes based on multi-beam acoustics 2010 Posters and banners
H. Shimadzu The effects of sampling in marine surveys on biodiversity estimation 2010 Posters and banners
N. Andreakis Galathean Phylogeography Crustacea: Decapoda: Anomura 2010 Posters and banners
P.R. Last; V.D. Lyne; A. Williams; C.R. Davies; A.J. Butler; G.K. Yearsley A hierarchical framework for classifying seabed biodiversity with application to planning and managing Australia’s marine biological resources 2010 Posters and banners
V.D. Lyne Depth structuring in distributions of demersal fishes on Australia’s continental shelf 2010 Posters and banners
C. Wilcox; N. Dowling; S. Pascoe; W. Proctor; W. Rochester Are spatial incentives more cost effective than marine protected areas for conserving biodiversity 2009 Posters and banners
H. Shimadzu Some issues in modelling biodiversity using spatially modelled covariates 2009 Posters and banners
B.P. Brooke Drowned shorelines and coastal dunes provide important reef habitat: Carnarvon Shelf, Western Australia 2009 Posters and banners
B.P. Brooke New highly detailed maps of bedrock reefs in southern Tasmania 2009 Posters and banners
P.R. England Modelling connectivity among Commonwealth Marine Protected Areas in south east Australia 2009 Posters and banners
A. Williams Biodiversity in western Australia’s deep sea 2009 Posters and banners
P.K. Dunstan Statistical analysis of video transects for areal prediction from expansive data 2009 Posters and banners
C. Mellin; C.J.A. Bradshaw; M.Julian Caley; C.Roland Pitcher; M. Meekan Oceanographic factors, spatial context and the predictive modelling of fish species richness on coral reefs 2009 Posters and banners
S.D. Foster; P.K. Dunstan Biodiversity analysis using rank abundance distributions 2009 Posters and banners
P.R. Last New Australian Sharks and Rays 2009 Posters and banners
N. Barrett; V.L. Lucieer Inshore habitat mapping in the South-East of Tasmania 2008 Posters and banners
N.J. Bax CERF Marine Biodiversity Hub banner 2008 Posters and banners
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