Marine Hub PhD Scholarships and Postdoctoral research opportunities

The University of Tasmania (UTAS) is the host institution for  National Environmental Science Programme (NESP) Marine Biodiversity Hub PhD Scholarships and Postdoctoral research.  When opportunities do arise, they will be made available through the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies.

Other PhD opportunities - University of Western Australia

School of Biological Sciences Research Projects - PhD opportunities:


Marine Biodiversity Hub Summer Scholarship - 2012/2013
The purpose of this scholarship, provided by the Marine Biodiversity Hub funded under the National Environmental Research Program, is aimed at improving the engagement between science and policy to support management of marine protected areas. The scholarship seeks to inspire students to build positive and effective careers in environmental management.  Visit the University of Tasmania website for details.
CLOSED 31 October 2012

PhD Scholarship - Developing Remote operated vehicles (ROV’s) as a platform for robust video-based surveys of biodiversity in deep-water habitats across the continental shelf.  More info



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