Passengers observing killer whales at Bremer Canyon. Credit Keith LightbodySocial and economic values are key drivers for marine science and marine policy but are too rarely integrated with marine biodiversity monitoring programs. In close consultation with Parks Australia (PA) we will review existing metrics used to survey social and economic values associated with marine parks. This review will include consulting with national and international expertise and actively consulting with State and other Commonwealth agencies, some of whom are currently conducting reviews or have existing frameworks for surveying social and economic values (e.g Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA), NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI)). In collaboration with national partners and PA we will organise a national methods workshops to discuss and refine metrics and methods to quantify social and economic benchmarks for State and Australian Marine Parks (AMPs) and produce Standard Operating Procedure’s (SOP) relevant to AMPs taking into consideration the Department of the Environment and Energy’s (DoEE’s) environmental accounting processes and PA’s Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Improvement (MERI) framework.


Passengers observing killer whales at Bremer Canyon. Credit Keith Lightbody