Authors Title Year of Publicationsort descending
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K. Gerhardt Indigenous knowledge and cultural values of hammerhead sharks in Northern Australia 2018
P.J. Bouchet; R. Wellard; C. Erbe; J.J. Meeuwig Aerial visual survey of cetaceans and other megafauna in the Bremer Marine Park and surrounding areas 2018
P.J. Bouchet; J.J. Meeuwig; C. Erbe; C. Salgado-Kent; R. Wellard; C. Pattiaratchi Bremer Canyon - Final report 2018
T. Lynch; L. Wong; T. Fountain; C. Devine Procedures and methods for establishment of captive breeding populations of spotted handfish 2018
R. Nanson; Z. Huang; P.J. Bouchet; S. Nichol; K. Miller An eco-narrative of Perth Canyon Marine Park - South-west marine region 2018
P. Hedge; B. Bessen 2019 AMSA Indigenous Workshop - Summary Report 2019
G. Lincoln; P. Hedge Promoting partnerships for Sea Country Research and Monitoring in Western Australia: A snapshot of Indigenous, science and management agency partners 2019
M. Heupel; P.M. Kyne; W.T. White; C.A. Simpfendorfer Shark Action Plan Policy Report 2019
R. Galaiduk; Z. Huang; K.J. Miller; R. Nanson; R. Przeslawski; S.L. Nichol An eco-narrative of Joseph Bonaparte Gulf Marine Park – North marine region 2019
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Q.A.’yunin Rohmana; A.M. Fischer; J. Gemmill Perceptions and information disclosure of water quality issues in Australia 2019 2019
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C. Davies; A. Withers; P.M. Kyne Garig Gunak Barlu Cobourg Marine Park Green Sawfish Project: Scoping Trip Report 2019
D. Peel; J. Smith; C. Erbe; T. Patterson; S. Childerhouse Quantification of risk from shipping to large marine fauna across Australia: Final Report 2019
T. Lynch; T. Bessell; A. Hormann; C. Devine Conservation of handfish and their habitats – annual report 2019


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