The aim of the ‘Supporting Management of Listed and Rare Species’, project (2011 - 2014) was to improve the understanding and management of data-poor, rarely-encountered, threatened riverine and estuarine shark and ray (elasmobranch) species, through the development of innovative population monitoring and integrated assessment strategies.

Threatened sawfishes (Pristis species) and river sharks (Glyphis species) of northern Australia represented the focal species, with an initial focus on Largetooth (Freshwater) Sawfish Pristis pristis and Speartooth Shark Glyphis glyphis in several selected rivers of the Northern Territory.

This project was led by the Marine Biodiversity hub incollaboration with Charles Darwin University, Northern Territory Fisheries and CSIRO and the findings also contributed to a Northern Australia hub project. Funding was provided by the National Environmental Research Program (NERP).

From 2015, the research will continue as a new project supported through funding from the National Environmental Science Programme (NESP) Project A1 - Northern Australian hotspots for the recovery of threatened euryhaline species


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Sharks and Rays of Northern Australia Rivers

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The world’s most endangered marine fish - IUCN SAWFISH FAST FACTS: AUSTRALIA


  River Shark Surveys of Kakadu's West Alligator River

Sawfish rescue - Daly River Traditional Owners help scientists rescue nine critically endangered sawfish from a drying waterhole in the Northern Territory

Sawfish and river shark research



Protocols for surveying and tagging
sawfishes and river sharks

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A Guide to Sharks of
Kakadu Rivers

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  • Images of field work in the South and East Alligator, Daly, Victoria Rivers

Team members:

Peter Kyne - Richard Pillans - Thor Saunders - Mark Bravington - Peter Grewe - Pierre Feutry - Grant Johnson - Russ Bradford

Website image credits: Miguel Clavero, Pierre Feutry, Peter Kyne & Kate Buckley.