Conservation of handfish and their habitats – Annual Report 2019

Conservation of handfish and their habitats – Annual Report 2019

We have completed and analysed performance assessment surveys at nine local population sites for spotted handfish in the Derwent estuary from 2015-2019. To this time series we have also incorporated historic data for individual sites back to 1998. Local populations generally show stability of occurrence but with some difference in abundance (as measured by estimates of fish densities per habitat) by years.

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Setting out to survey our southern-most coral reefs

January 22, 2020

A Marine Biodiversity Hub team has embarked on a voyage to survey marine life at Elizabeth and Middleton reefs in the bountiful Lord Howe Island Marine Park.

Ningaloo survey finds deep treasures worth protecting

September 10, 2019

A benchmark survey at Ningaloo Marine Park (Commonwealth waters), finds hidden treasures in the lesser-known depths of Ningaloo reef.

One patch two patch: last stand for the Red Handfish?

August 22, 2019

Scientists, managers, industry and the community are mobilising to help save Tasmania's Red Handfish from extinction.

EP2 - Surveying marine life in the canyons off Bremer Bay

Bathymetry map of Bremer offshore region.
Deep sea canyons south of Western Australia's Bremer Bay are a mecca for large marine life. Image: Geoscience Australia


'Extreme' citizen scientists film black corals at spectacular unexplored reef off Tasmania’s east coast

August 23, 2016

Deep ocean divers acting as citizen scientists have taken the first close-up look at stunning marine life on a deep granite reef in the Freycinet Commonwealth Marine Reserve off Bicheno, eastern Tasmania.

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