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Current activities

Genetic connectivity and gene flow studies in sharks in Australia and Papua New Guinea. Species identifications, DNA barcoding, NGS, SNP development and genetic connectivity studies in the CSIRO Australian National Fish Collection and the Australian National Algae Culture Collection.


Sharon has a national and international reputation in population and molecular genetics as applied to wild fisheries stock assessments (e.g., Patagonian toothfish, gulper sharks, ling, orange roughy, black cod, yellowfin and bigeye tuna) and in selective breeding programs for aquaculture (i.e., oysters, greenlip, blacklip and hybrid abalone). Sharon’s molecular expertise includes population genetic structure and connectivity assessments, molecular species identifications and barcoding and microbial community delineation based on DNA sequencing, microsatellites, single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), animal breeding, DNA parentage and assignment analyses and quantitative genetics. More recently, Sharon has assessed the utility of microbial metagenomics in shellfish aquaculture using next generation sequencing (NGS) and automated ribosomal intergenic spacer analyses (ARISA). Additionally, Sharon has extensive experience in marine fish and invertebrate species identifications and DNA barcoding for a range of vertebrate and invertebrate marine species and micro-algae.

Academic qualifications

B. Applied Science (Hons); Grad Cert Rural Science; Doctor of Philosophy

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