Past project leader and researcher, James Cook University

117 Lex Creek Road Crediton Qld 4757

+61 418225894 and +61 7 49584775 note mobile does not work at farm; leave message or email

Person details


Research interests

My broad research focus is coastal restoration ecology, especially for enhanced productivity of our catchments – rivers – estuaries – wetlands – nearshore linked ecosystems. Increased productivity for both public and private benefits cannot be achieved without the participation of those that manage our natural resources – all of us. I am passionate about exploring smarter, more profitable and sustainable land use practices at all scales, working in partnership with farmers, foresters, fishers, conservationists, managers and policy makers to achieve more productive landscapes across Australia and its near neighbours.

Internationally - I was the inaugural Australian President of the Global Water Partnership and have contributed at an international policy level to the Millennium Assessment, Convention for Sustainable Development, WMO Floodplain Management Guidelines and Global Climate Services. Current international activity is as a volunteer in Australia's near neighbours and the World Academy of Science.

Current activities


  • Underpinning the repair and conservation of Australia’s threatened coastal marine habitats, especially shellfish reefs and salt marshes - NESP Marine Biodiversity Hub project
  • Investment Plan for repairing the Great Barrier Reef [as submitted for natural resource management groups to Aust. & Qld Govts. and World Heritage Commission]
  • Project Catalyst II - Building on Project Catalyst I to deliver Precision Agriculture for the Australian* Sugar Industry (commissioned by Coca-Cola Foundation and its partners WWF and NRM groups to set the strategic direction for Project Catalyst)
  • Member, Qld Great Barrier Reef Ministerial Task Force
  • Practicing what i preach at Lex Creek in the GBR catchments with Lex Creek Nature refuge, smart dairy cattle management systems, platation forestry and Platypus Organic Garlic


  • Revitalising Australia’s Estuaries (Australia-wide priorities and business case for repair commissioned by FRDC)
  • Climate Change Adaptation – Marine Biodiversity and Fisheries (FRDC-DCCEE funded Climate Change Adaptation – Marine Biodiversity and Fisheries Program)



  • A worthwhile and rewarding career in natural resources management with now the focus on coastal landscape repair. 


Academic qualifications

Year 1973 - BSc (Metallurgical Engineering)
Year 1980 Postgraduate  in natural resources and in 1993 Management


Membership of key national committees

  • Member, GBR Qld Ministerial Task Force
  • Director, Greening Australia


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