Shark Research Scientist - NT Fisheries
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Current activities

Grant is providing logistical support for  the Marine Biodiversity Hub project ‘Supporting Management of Listed and Rare Species.' This project will improve the understanding and management of data-poor, low abundance, rarely-encountered threatened euryhaline and estuarine elasmobranch species, through the development of innovative population monitoring and integrated assessment strategies. Threatened sawfishes (Pristis species) and river sharks (Glyphis species) of northern Australia represent the focal species, in particular the Largetooth Sawfish Pristis pristis and Speartooth Shark Glyphis glyphis in several selected rivers of the NT. 

In his role as shark scientist at NT Fisheries, Grant is also involved in the collecting and analysing scientific information that helps to sustainably manage the shark resources in the Northern Territory.  


Strong technical background in fisheries research, having worked in a variety of fishery related roles in both Australia and New Zealand.  

Academic qualifications

Bachelor of Applied Science (Fisheries), Australian Maritime College