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Rachel Nanson was awarded her BSc (Hons) in fluvial geomorphology in 1998 from the University of Wollongong, was employed in a landscape management role for the NSW state government until 2001 and was awarded  her PhD in fluvial geomorphology in 2006 from the University of New South Wales. She researched peatland carbon budgets at the Australian National University, and worked in environmental consulting, before commencing a postdoctoral role in the Australian School of Petroleum at the University of Adelaide. Rachel was employed as a Lecturer at the University of Adelaide from 2009 - 2011 and became a lead PI in the University of Adelaide WAVE II Research Group. Her current research interests include fluvial, coastal and marine geomorphology.

Rachel had a postdoctoral role in the WAVE Consortium Phase I research team and then roles as both Principal Investigator and Research Fellow for Phase II of this research. She has recently commenced a new role at Geoscience Australia Marine Geoscientist in the Marine Observations Branch.


2006 PhD University of New South Wales

1998 BSc (Hons) University of Wollongong



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