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Key research 

  • Environmental non-market valuation, particularly discrete choice experiments
  • Marine park management and social values
  • Divergence of preferences between different stakeholder groups in NRM


Dr Abbie Rogers has been involved in several projects using non-market valuation techniques to investigate conservation preferences held by scientists and the broader community.
This has included valuations of marine reserves in Western Australia, where she also examined how people react to different management approaches for marine conservation.

A key focus of Abbie's research is to promote better integration of non-market valuation in NRM policy and decision making processes.

Current activities

As well as researching marine biodiversity values within the NERP, Abbie is involved in other projects in the Centre for Environmental Economics & Policy (CEEP), UWA, including an ARC Linkage Project analysing expert and public preferences for environmental and social outcomes for the Swan River. 


Dr Abbie Rogers has been a researcher with CEEP and the School of Agricultural & Resource Economics, UWA, since 2009.

Prior to this, Abbie was working towards completion of her PhD at UWA, and also worked as an applied economist for Advanced Choice Economics.

Academic qualifications

Bachelor of Science (Natural Resource Management) with Honours, University of Western Australia

Doctor of Philosophy (Environmental Economics), University of Western Australia

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Swan River ARC Linkage project: