Project leader and researcher

GPO Box 378 Canberra ACT 2601 Australia


Person details


Research interests

Aquatic remote sensing applications; probabilistic inversion methods for remote sensing data; Time-series analysis of Earth Observation data

Current activities

Since 2007 I have been with the National Earth & Marine Observations Group at Geoscience Australia, working with aquatic applications of remote sensing data. These have included inversion methods to derive bathymetry data in shallow water environments; contributing to studies such as tsunami inundation and to supplement broader bathymetry model generation.

In my current research I am interested in leveraging the time-series of Earth Observation data provided in the analytical framework of the Australian Geoscience Data Cube (AGDC). I am developing methods to map the inter-tidal regions of Australia using a probabalistic water detection tool, and researching tools for using this modelling to detect different types of change in these dynamic coastal environments.

Academic qualifications

PhD - Australian National University (2015)

Bachelor of Geomatic Engineering (Hons) - University of Melbourne (2006)

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