Plastic pollution is a growing issue in Australia and globally. In its January 2016 report, the World Economic forum estimated that there are over 150 million tonnes of plastic waste in the oceans and that this amount is forecast to grow to 250 million tonnes in 2025.

This project will provide guidance for national policy and action to reduce the release and impacts of microplastics on our environment and oceans. A literature review will identify key marine microplastics research and policy development internationally, with a focus on research that is contextual to microplastics in the Australian marine environment. An options paper will explore the most feasible and impactful policy approaches for Australia, and a workshop will draw together policy-makers, researchers and industry peak bodies to discuss and recommend policy and other options to limit microplastics release into the environment. The workshop report will provide evidence to underpin the development of national policy aimed at reducing microplastic pollution, including by identifying priority actions to deliver Australia’s 2018 National Waste Policy .