25 May 2007 to 31 December 2010
Funding cycle: 
Commonwealth Environment Research Facilities Program

The overall objective is to develop models that predict patterns of marine biodiversity, with specifiable precision from more broadly available physical surrogates, at regional and national scales around Australia. More specifically, the Prediction Program will: Examine the performance of a number of statistical/mathematical methods for modeling the relationships between biodiversity and the physical environment;Examine the extent to which selected taxa (such as fishes) are biological surrogates for other taxa (such as invertebrate groups) and other biodiversity measures (eg. species richness, diversity indices, evenness). As a first step, collate suitable biological data that provide that best available match to the broadest range of physical data output from the Surrogates Program. Strong 3-way links are proposed between the Prediction Program and the Surrogates Program, and with the Biodiversity Program, which will be maintained by cross-membership of key staff in each.