Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre, University of Western Australia, Crawley, WA 6009


Person details


Current activities

  • Spatial benthic habitat modelling (NESP D1; WAMSI Kimberly node, AIMS' Ship to Shore project)
  • Science communication (North West Atlas; Australian Marine Parks Science Atlas)
  • Tropical cyclone operational response for GBRMPA
  • Tropical cyclone disturbance of coral reefs and other benthos


Spatial is my specialty, especially for intractable problems like cyclone wave impacts on coral reefs. I help marine biologists at AIMS make sense of their data. In other words, I am a geographer with extensive expertise in applying GIS and associated technologies to spatially complex ecological questions, particularly modelling the dynamics of stressors on marine benthos (coral reefs) and biota (fish, megafauna). I aim to conduct research that helps design effective conservation strategies for key ecosystems like coral reefs by improving our understanding of how such ecosystems are affected by broad scale stressors (tropical cyclone generated waves, thermal stress, pollutants) now and under future climates. An additional recent focus is quantitative marine benthic habitat modelling and associated survey design. 

Academic qualifications

  • PhD - James Cook University - 2005
  • Master Envir Man - Duke University - 1994
  • BA (Geography) - Augustana College - 1992

Membership of key national committees