An assessment of alternative management interventions for treatment of Tropical Fire Ants on Ashmore Reef

This report describes outcomes of deliberations of a group of experts and managers in a workshop held on 11 July 2017. In arriving at preferred alternatives among seven candidates (comprising four options for eradication, two for control and a monitor only option), each of ten workshop participants articulated trade-offs among the following set of objectives:

  • Conserve seabirds (more is better)
  • Conserve turtles (more is better)
  • Protect character and naturalness (more is better)
  • Avoid adverse side effects (more is better)
  • Cost of implementation (less is better)

The outcome of those trade-offs was broad support for an eradication strategy involving ten bait applications over two years, with subsequent detection, mop-up and monitoring operations.

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