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Authors Title Year of publication Document type
C. Erbe; D. Peel; J.N. Smith; R.P. Schoeman Marine Acoustic Zones of Australia 2021 Document
N. Pacoureau; C.L. Rigby; P.M. Kyne; R.B. Sherley; H. Winker; J.K. Carlson; S.V. Fordham; R. Barreto; D. Fernando; M.P. Francis; R.W. Jabado; K.B. Herman; K.M. Liu; A.D. Marshall; R.A. Pollom; E. Romanov; C.A. Simpfendorfer; J.S. Yin; H.K. Kindsvater; N.K. Dulvy Half a century of global decline in oceanic sharks and rays 2021 Document
R.D. Stuart-Smith; C. Mellin; A.E. Bates; G.J. Edgar Habitat loss and range shifts contribute to ecological generalisation amongst reef fishes 2021 Document
D.A. Ebert; S.P. Wintner; P.M. Kyne An annotated checklist of the chondrichthyans of South Africa 2021 Document
C. Erbe; R.P. Schoeman; D. Peel; J.N. Smith It Often Howls More Than It Chugs: Wind versus Ship Noise Underwater in Australia’s Maritime Regions 2021 Document
J.S. Goetze; S. Wilson; B. Radford; R. Fisher; T. Langlois; J. Monk; N.A. Knott; H.A. Malcolm; L.M. Currey Randall; D. Ierodiaconou; D. Harasti; N. Barrett; R.C. Babcock; N.E. Bosch; D. Brock; J. Claudet; J. Clough; D.V. Fairclough; M.R. Heupel; T.H. Holmes; C. Huveneers; A. Jordan; D. McLean; M. Meekan; D. Miller; S.J. Newman; M.J. Rees; K.E. Roberts; B.J. Saunders; C.W. Speed; M.J. Travers; E. Treml; S. Whitmarsh; C.B. Wakefield; E.S. Harvey Increased connectivity and depth improve the effectiveness of marine reserves 2021 Document
P.K. Dunstan; J.M. Dambacher High Level Summary of Technical Report describing Guidelines for analysis of cumulative impacts and risks to the Great Barrier Reef for GBRMPA 2021 Document
P.K. Dunstan; J.M. Dambacher High Level Summary of Technical Report describing Guidelines for analysis of cumulative impacts and risks to the Great Barrier Reef for Environmental Standards, DAWE. 2021 Document
M.L. Puotinen; R. Galaiduk; S.L. Nichol; M. Stowar; J. Colquhoun; M. Case; C.W. Speed; Z. Huang; K.J. Miller Money Shoal, Arafura Marine Park: An eco-narrative 2021 Document
S.L. Nichol; D. Warouw; M. Stowar; K. Picard; J. Siwabessy; J. Roberts; M. Abdul-Wahab Fly-through of the Arafura Marine Park 2021 Video
Geoscience Australia Fly-through of the Gascoyne Marine Park 2021 Video
J. Purandare; I.M. McLeod; D.Sousa De Saboya; A. Le Port; L. Boström-Einarsson; S. Reeves; P. Van Kampen; P. MacCreadie; P. Carnell; M. Wartman; A. Eger; E. Bayraktarov Marine and coastal restoration database 2021 Document
P.M. Kyne; M. Oetinger; M.I. Grant; P. Feutry Life history of the Critically Endangered largetooth sawfish: a compilation of data for population assessment and demographic modelling 2021 Document
Q.A. Rohmana; A.M. Fischer; J. Cumming; B.D. Blackwell; J. Gemmill Increased Transparency and Resource Prioritization for the Management of Pollutants From Wastewater Treatment Plants: A National Perspective From Australia 2020 Document
T. Langlois; J.S. Goetze; T. Bond; J. Monk; R.A. Abesamis; J. Asher; N. Barrett; A.T.F. Bernard; P.J. Bouchet; M.J. Birt; M. Cappo; L.M. ‐ Randall; D. Driessen; D.V. Fairclough; L.A.F. Fullwood; B. Gibbons; D. Harasti; M.R. Heupel; J. Hicks; T.H. Holmes; C. Huveneers; D. Ierodiaconou; A. Jordan; N.A. Knott; S. Lindfield; H.A. Malcolm; D. McLean; M. Meekan; D. Miller; P.J. Mitchell; S.J. Newman; B. Radford; F.A. Rolim; B.J. Saunders; M. Stowar; A.N.H. Smith; M.J. Travers; C.B. Wakefield; S. Whitmarsh; J. Williams; E.S. Harvey A field and video annotation guide for baited remote underwater stereo-video surveys of demersal fish assemblages 2020 Document
P.M. Kyne; R.W. Jabado; C.L. Rigby; ; M.A. Gore; C.M. Pollock; K.B. Herman; J. Cheok; D.A. Ebert; C.A. Simpfendorfer; N.K. Dulvy The thin edge of the wedge: extremely high extinction risk in wedgefishes and giant guitarfishes 2020 Document
A. Audzijonyte; S.A. Richards; R.D. Stuart-Smith; G. Pecl; G.J. Edgar; N. Barrett; N. Payne; J.L. Blanchard Fish body sizes change with temperature, but not all species shrink with warming 2020 Document
N.J. Waltham; M. Elliott; S.Yip Lee; C. Lovelock; C.M. Duarte; C. Buelow; C. Simenstad; I. Nagelkerken; L. Claassens; C.K.C. Wen; M. Barletta; R.M. Connolly; C.L. Gillies; W.J. Mitsch; M.B. Ogburn; J. Purandare; H. Possingham; M. Sheaves UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030 - What Chance for Success in Restoring Coastal Ecosystems? 2020 Document
T. O'Hara; A. Williams; S.T. Ahyong; P. Alderslade; T. Alvestad; D. Bray; I. Burghardt; N. Budaeva; F. Criscione; A.L. Crowther; M. Ekins; M. Eleaume; C.A. Farrelly; J.K. Finn; M.N. Georgieva; A. Graham; M. Gomon; K. Gowlett-Holmes; L. Gunton; A. Hallan; A.M. Hosie; P. Hutchings; H. Kise; F. Kohler; J.A. Konsgrud; E. Kupriyanova; C.C. Lu; M. Mackenzie; C. Mah; H. MacIntosh; K.L. Merrin; A. Miskelly; M.L. Mitchell; K. Moore; A. Murray; P.M. O'Loughlin; H. Paxton; J.J. Pogonoski; D. Staples; J.E. Watson; R.S. Wilson; J. Zhang; N.J. Bax The lower bathyal and abyssal seafloor fauna of eastern Australia 2020 Document
Y.Mei Tan; O. Dalby; G.A. Kendrick; J. Statton; E.A. Sinclair; M.W. Fraser; P.I. Macreadie; C.L. Gillies; R.A. Coleman; M. Waycott; Kjent van Dijk; A. Vergés; J.D. Ross; M.L. Campbell; F.E. Matheson; E.L. Jackson; A.D. Irving; L.L. Govers; R.M. Connolly; I.M. McLeod; M.A. Rasheed; H. Kirkman; M.R. Flindt; T. Lange; A.D. Miller; C.D.H. Sherman Seagrass restoration is possible: Insights and lessons from Australia and New Zealand. 2020 Document
N.R. Perkins; G.R. Hosack; S.D. Foster; J. Monk; N. Barrett Monitoring the resilience of a no-take marine reserve to a range extending species using benthic imagery 2020 Document
P. Hedge; E.Ingrid van Putten; C. Hunter; M. Fischer Perceptions, motivations and practices for Indigenous engagement in marine science in Australia 2020 Document
R. Przeslawski; S.D. Foster Field Manuals for Marine Sampling to Monitor Australian Waters, Version 2 2020 Document
R. Przeslawski; B. Bennett; L. Bell Digital Platforms for Marine Science Data and Information - infographic 2020 Image
T. O'Hara; A. Williams; S.N.C. Woolley; A.W. Nau; N.J. Bax Deep-sea temperate-tropical faunal transition across uniform environmental gradients 2020 Document
V. Udyawer; R. Somaweera; C. Nitschke; B.’ Anastasi; K. Sanders; B.L. Webber; M. Hourston; M.R. Heupel Prioritising search effort to locate previously unknown populations of endangered marine reptiles 2020 Document
N. Waltham Restoration Showcase June 2020 - Webinar Presentation - "Rebuilding coastal wetland ecosystems in Great Barrier Reef catchments" 2020 Presentation
G. Grimsditch Restoration Showcase June 2020 - Webinar Presentation - "United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030" 2020 Presentation
I.M. McLeod Restoration Showcase June 2020 - Webinar Presentation - "Rebuilding Australia's lost shellfish reefs" 2020 Presentation
J. Statton Restoration Showcase June 2020 - Webinar Presentation - "Assisting restoration of ecosystem engineers through seed-based and shoot-based programs in the Shark Bay World Heritage Site" 2020 Presentation
C. Layton Restoration Showcase June 2020 - Webinar Presentation - "Assessing the feasibility of restoring giant kelp forests in Eastern Tasmania" 2020 Document
A.A. Rogers Restoration Showcase June 2020 - Webinar Presentation - "How can we target investment for healthier habitats" 2020 Presentation
R. Bradford; T.A. Patterson; P.J. Rogers; R. McAuley; S. Mountford; C. Huveneers; R. Robbins; A. Fox; B.D. Bruce Evidence of diverse movement strategies and habitat use by white sharks, Carcharodon carcharias, off southern Australia 2020 Document
K.A. Buckley; L.D.G. Smith; D.A. Crook; R.D. Pillans; P.M. Kyne Conservation impact scores identify shortfalls in demonstrating benefits of threatened wildlife displays in zoos and aquaria 2020 Document
N.J. Bax; P. Hedge NESP Marine Biodiversity Hub Research Plan - 2020 RPv6 - Project Proposals 2020 Document
T. O'Hara; A. Williams; F. Althaus; A.S. Ross; N.J. Bax Regional-scale patterns of deep seafloor biodiversity for conservation assessment 2020 Document
K.R. Hayes; G.R. Hosack; E. Lawrence; P. Hedge; N. Barrett; R. Przeslawski; M.J. Caley; S.D. Foster Designing Monitoring Programs for Marine Protected Areas Within an Evidence Based Decision Making Paradigm 2019 Document
D.O. Obura; G. Aeby; N. Amornthammarong; W. Appeltans; N.J. Bax; J. Bishop; R.E. Brainard; S. Chan; P. Fletcher; T.A.C. Gordon; L. Gramer; M. Gudka; J. Halas; J. Hendee; G. Hodgson; D. Huang; M. Jankulak; A. Jones; T. Kimura; J. Levy; P. Miloslavich; L.Ming Chou; F. Muller-Karger; K. Osuka; M. Samoilys; S.D. Simpson; K. Tun; S. Wongbusarakum Coral reef monitoring, reef assessment technologies, and ecosystem-based management 2019 Document
I.M. McLeod; L. Bostrom-Einarsson; C. Creighton; B. D'Anastasi; B.K. Diggles; P.G. Dwyer; L. Firby; A. Le Port; A. Luongo; F. Martínez-Baena; S. McOrrie; G. Heller-Wagner; C.L. Gillies Habitat value of Sydney rock oyster (Saccostrea glomerata) reefs on soft sediments 2019 Document
P. Miloslavich; S. Seeyave; F. Muller-Karger; N.J. Bax; E. Ali; C. Delgado; H. Evers-King; B. Loveday; V. Lutz; J. Newton; G. Nolan; A.C.Peralta Brichtova; C. Traeger-Chatterjee; E. Urban Challenges for global ocean observation: the need for increased human capacity 2019 Document
F. Lombard; E. Boss; A.M. Waite; M. Vogt; J. Uitz; L. Stemmann; H.M. Sosik; J. Schulz; J.B. Romagnan; M. Picheral; J. Pearlman; M.D. Ohman; B. Niehoff; K.O. Moller; P. Miloslavich; A. Lara-Lopez; R. Kudela; R.M. Lopes; R. Kiko; L. Karp-Boss; J.S. Jaffe; M.H. Iversen; J.O. Irisson; K. Fennel; H. Hauss; L. Guidi; G. Gorsky; S.L.C. Giering; P. Gaube; S. Gallager; G. Dubelaar; R.K. Cowen; çois Carlotti; C. Briseno-Avena; L. Berline; K. Benoit-Bird; N.J. Bax; S. Batten; S.Dorothee Ayata; L.Felipe Artigas; W. Appeltans Globally consistent quantitative observations of planktonic ecosystems 2019 Document
I.M. McLeod Successful communication for shellfish reef restoration projects 2019 Document
K. Willis; C. Wilcox; J. Vince; D. Hardesty The success of water refill stations reducing single-use plastic bottle litter 2019 Document
A. Chin; L. Baje; T. Donaldson; K. Gerhardt; R.W. Jabado; P.M. Kyne; R. Mana; G. Mescam; J. Mourier; S. Planes; C. Wen The scientist abroad: maximising research impact and effectiveness when working as a visiting scientist 2019 Document
M.I. Grant; P.M. Kyne; C.A. Simpfendorfer; W.T. White; A. Chin Categorising use patterns of non-marine environments by elasmobranchs and a review of their extinction risk 2019 Document
B. Finucci; C.A.J. Duffy; M.P. Francis; C. Gibson; P.M. Kyne The extinction risk of New Zealand chondrichthyans 2019 Document
K.G. Abrantes; M. Sheaves; J. Fries Estimating the value of tropical coastal wetland habitats to fisheries: Caveats and assumptions 2019 Document
L.R. Smales; D.P. Barton; L.A. Chisholm Acanthocephalans from Australian elasmobranchs (Chondrichthyes) with a description of a new species in the genus Gorgorhynchus Chandler, 1934 (Rhadinorhynchidae) 2019 Document
I.M. McLeod; P.S.E.Zu Ermgassen; C.L. Gillies; B. Hancock; A. Humphries Can bivalve habitat restoration improve degraded estuaries? 2019 Document
C. Creighton; V.N. Prahalad; I.M. McLeod; M. Sheaves; M.D. Taylor; T. Walshe Prospects for seascape repair: three case studies from eastern Australia 2019 Document


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