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Authors Title Year of publication Document type
A. Jordan; P. Hedge Marine Biodiversity Hub Final Report 2015-2021 (glossy) 2022 Document
J.M. Edgeloe; A.A. Severn-Ellis; P.E. Bayer; S. Mehravi; M.F. Breed; S.L. Krauss; J. Batley; G.A. Kendrick; E.A. Sinclair Extensive polyploid clonality was a successful strategy for seagrass to expand into a newly submerged environment 2022 Document
S.M. Gabriel; T.A. Patterson; J.P. Eveson; J.M. Semmens; D. Harasti; P.A. Butcher; J.L.Y. Spaet; R.W. Bradford Determining effective acoustic array design for monitoring presence of white sharks Carcharodon carcharias in nearshore habitats 2021 Document
K. Abrantes; A. Barnett; M. Soetaert; P.M. Kyne; A. Laird; L. Squire; J. Seymour; B.E. Wueringer; J. Sleeman; C. Huveneers Potential of electric fields to reduce bycatch of highly threatened sawfishes 2021 Document
S.D. Foster; J. Vanhatalo; V.M. Trenkel; T. Schulz; E. Lawrence; R. Przeslawksi; G.R. Hosack Effects of Ignoring Survey Design Information for Data Reuse 2021 Document
H.F. Yan; P.M. Kyne; R.W. Jabado; R.H. Leeney; L.N.K. Davidson; D.H. Derrick; B. Finucci; R. Freckleton; S.V. Fordham; N.K. Dulvy Overfishing and habitat loss drives range contraction of iconic marine fishes to near extinction 2021 Document
B. Finucci; J. Cheok; D.A. Ebert; K.B. Herman; P.M. Kyne; N.K. Dulvy Ghosts of the Ocean – biodiversity, fisheries, and extinction risk ghost sharks 2021 Document
S.D. Foster MBHdesign: an R-package for efficient spatial survey designs 2021 Document
E.A. Sinclair Wirriya Jalyanu Seagrass Festival - celebrating Malgana language, art and science of Shark Bay's Seagrass Ecosystems 2021 Document
E.A. Sinclair; T. Oxenham; W. Lewandrowski Seagrass science inspires Malgana artist 2021 Document
M.I. Grant; W.T. White; Y. Amepou; S.A. Appleyard; L. Baje; F. Devloo-Delva; P. Feutry; D. Ibana; D.J. Jogo; S. Jogo; P.M. Kyne; R. Mana; N. Mapmani; A. Nagul; D. Roeger; C.A. Simpfendorfer; A. Chin Papua New Guinea: A potential refuge for threatened Indo–Pacific river sharks and sawfishes 2021 Document
S.A. Appleyard; T.P. Lynch; M. Green; F. Encinas-Viso Genetic diversity and restricted genetic connectivity in an endangered marine fish (Brachionichthys hirsutus) provides a model for conservation management in related and data-deficient species 2021 Document
R. Somaweera; V. Udyawer; M.L. Guinea; D. Ceccarelli; R.H. Clarke; M. Glover; M. Hourston; J. Keesing; A.Redsted Rasmussen; K. Sanders; R. Shine; D.P. Thomson; B.L. Webber Pinpointing drivers of extirpation in sea snakes: a synthesis of evidence from Ashmore Reef 2021 Document
N.E. Bosch; J. Monk; J. Goetze; S. Wilson; R.C. Babcock; N. Barrett; J. Clough; L.M. ‐ Randall; D.V. Fairclough; R. Fisher; B.A. Gibbons; D. Harasti; E.S. Harvey; M.R. Heupel; J.L. Hicks; T.H. Holmes; C. Huveneers; D. Ierodiaconou; A. Jordan; N.A. Knott; H.A. Malcolm; D. McLean; M. Meekan; S.J. Newman; B. Radford; M.J. Rees; B.J. Saunders; C.W. Speed; M.J. Travers; C.B. Wakefield; T. Wernberg; T.J. Langlois Effects of human footprint and biophysical factors on body-size structure of fished marine species 2021 Document
C. Erbe; D. Peel; J.N. Smith; R.P. Schoeman Marine Acoustic Zones of Australia 2021 Document
N. Pacoureau; C.L. Rigby; P.M. Kyne; R.B. Sherley; H. Winker; J.K. Carlson; S.V. Fordham; R. Barreto; D. Fernando; M.P. Francis; R.W. Jabado; K.B. Herman; K.M. Liu; A.D. Marshall; R.A. Pollom; E. Romanov; C. Simpfendorfer; J.S. Yin; H.K. Kindsvater; N.K. Dulvy Half a century of global decline in oceanic sharks and rays 2021 Document
R.D. Stuart-Smith; C. Mellin; A.E. Bates; G.J. Edgar Habitat loss and range shifts contribute to ecological generalisation amongst reef fishes 2021 Document
D.A. Ebert; S.P. Wintner; P.M. Kyne An annotated checklist of the chondrichthyans of South Africa 2021 Document
C. Erbe; R.P. Schoeman; D. Peel; J.N. Smith It Often Howls More Than It Chugs: Wind versus Ship Noise Underwater in Australia’s Maritime Regions 2021 Document
J.S. Goetze; S. Wilson; B. Radford; R. Fisher; T.J. Langlois; J. Monk; N.A. Knott; H.A. Malcolm; L.M. Currey Randall; D. Ierodiaconou; D. Harasti; N. Barrett; R. Babcock; N.E. Bosch; D. Brock; J. Claudet; J. Clough; D.V. Fairclough; M.R. Heupel; T.H. Holmes; C. Huveneers; A. Jordan; D. McLean; M. Meekan; D. Miller; S.J. Newman; M.J. Rees; K.E. Roberts; B.J. Saunders; C.W. Speed; M.J. Travers; E. Treml; S. Whitmarsh; C.B. Wakefield; E.S. Harvey Increased connectivity and depth improve the effectiveness of marine reserves 2021 Document
P.K. Dunstan; J.M. Dambacher High Level Summary of Technical Report describing Guidelines for analysis of cumulative impacts and risks to the Great Barrier Reef for GBRMPA 2021 Document
P.K. Dunstan; J.M. Dambacher High Level Summary of Technical Report describing Guidelines for analysis of cumulative impacts and risks to the Great Barrier Reef for Environmental Standards, DAWE. 2021 Document
M.L. Puotinen; R. Galaiduk; S.L. Nichol; M. Stowar; J. Colquhoun; M. Case; C. Speed; Z. Huang; K.J. Miller Money Shoal, Arafura Marine Park: An eco-narrative 2021 Document
S.L. Nichol; D. Warouw; M. Stowar; K. Picard; J. Siwabessy; J. Roberts; M. Abdul-Wahab Fly-through of the Arafura Marine Park 2021 Video
Geoscience Australia Fly-through of the Gascoyne Marine Park 2021 Video
J. Purandare; I.M. McLeod; D.Sousa De Saboya; A. Le Port; L. Boström-Einarsson; S. Reeves; P. Van Kampen; P. MacCreadie; P. Carnell; M. Wartman; A. Eger; E. Bayraktarov Marine and coastal restoration database 2021 Document
P.M. Kyne; M. Oetinger; M.I. Grant; P. Feutry Life history of the Critically Endangered largetooth sawfish: a compilation of data for population assessment and demographic modelling 2021 Document
P.M. Kyne; M.R. Heupel; W.T. White; C. Simpfendorfer The Action Plan for Australian Sharks and Rays 2021 2021 Document
S. Shamsi; D. Barton; X. Zhu Description and genetic characterisation of Pulchrascaris australis n. sp. in the scalloped hammerhead shark, Sphyrna lewini (Griffin & Smith) in Australia 2020 Document
T.P. Lynch; S. Foster; C. Devine; A. Hegarty; F. McEnnulty; M. Burton; J.M. Lyle Trail camera video systems: investigating their utility in interpreting patterns of marine, recreational trailer-boat fishers’ access to an offshore Marine Park in differing weather conditions. 2020 Document
M.T. McDavitt; P.M. Kyne Social media posts reveal the geographic range of the Critically Endangered Clown Wedgefish Rhynchobatus cooki 2020 Document
A. Williams; F. Althaus; M. Green; K. Maguire; C. Untiedt; N. Mortimer; C.J. Jackett; M.R. Clark; N.J. Bax; R. Pitcher; T.A. Schlacher True size matters for conservation: deep-sea coral reefs are typically small and estimates of their size are remarkably robust to a method used to define them 2020 Document
A. Williams; F. Althaus; K. Maguire; M. Green; C. Untiedt; P. Alderslade; M.R. Clark; N.J. Bax; T.A. Schlacher The Fate of Deep-Sea Coral Reefs on Seamounts in a Fishery-Seascape: What Are the Impacts, What Remains, and What Is Protected? 2020 Document
M. Parsons; M. Meekan Acoustic characteristics of small research vessels 2020 Document
Q.A. Rohmana; A.M. Fischer; J. Cumming; B.D. Blackwell; J. Gemmill Increased Transparency and Resource Prioritization for the Management of Pollutants From Wastewater Treatment Plants: A National Perspective From Australia 2020 Document
T.J. Langlois; J.S. Goetze; T. Bond; J. Monk; R.A. Abesamis; J. Asher; N. Barrett; A.T.F. Bernard; P.J. Bouchet; M.J. Birt; M. Cappo; L.M. Currey Randall; D. Driessen; D.V. Fairclough; L.A.F. Fullwood; B. Gibbons; D. Harasti; M.R. Heupel; J. Hicks; T.H. Holmes; C. Huveneers; D. Ierodiaconou; A. Jordan; N.A. Knott; S. Lindfield; H.A. Malcolm; D. McLean; M. Meekan; D. Miller; P.J. Mitchell; S.J. Newman; B. Radford; F.A. Rolim; B.J. Saunders; M. Stowar; A.N.H. Smith; M.J. Travers; C.B. Wakefield; S. Whitmarsh; J. Williams; E.S. Harvey A field and video annotation guide for baited remote underwater stereo-video surveys of demersal fish assemblages 2020 Document
P.M. Kyne; R.W. Jabado; C.L. Rigby; ; M.A. Gore; C.M. Pollock; K.B. Herman; J. Cheok; D.A. Ebert; C. Simpfendorfer; N.K. Dulvy The thin edge of the wedge: extremely high extinction risk in wedgefishes and giant guitarfishes 2020 Document
R. Thurstan; B.K. Diggles; C.L. Gillies; M.K. Strong; R. Kerkhove; S.M. Buckley; R.A. King; V. Smythe; G. Heller-Wagner; R. Weeks; F. Palin; I.M. McLeod Charting two centuries of transformation in a coastal social-ecological system: A mixed methods approach 2020 Document
A. Audzijonyte; S.A. Richards; R.D. Stuart-Smith; G. Pecl; G.J. Edgar; N. Barrett; N. Payne; J.L. Blanchard Fish body sizes change with temperature, but not all species shrink with warming 2020 Document
P. Feutry; F. Devloo-Delva; A. Tran Lu Y; S. Mona; R. Gunasekera; G. Johnson; R.D. Pillans; D. Jaccoud; A. Kilian; D.L. Morgan; T. Saunders; N.J. Bax; P.M. Kyne One panel to rule them all: DArTcap genotyping for population structure, historical demography, and kinship analyses, and its application to a threatened shark 2020 Document
N.J. Waltham; M. Elliott; S.Yip Lee; C. Lovelock; C.M. Duarte; C. Buelow; C. Simenstad; I. Nagelkerken; L. Claassens; C.K.C. Wen; M. Barletta; R.M. Connolly; C.L. Gillies; W.J. Mitsch; M.B. Ogburn; J. Purandare; H. Possingham; M. Sheaves UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030 - What Chance for Success in Restoring Coastal Ecosystems? 2020 Document
T. O'Hara; A. Williams; S.T. Ahyong; P. Alderslade; T. Alvestad; D. Bray; I. Burghardt; N. Budaeva; F. Criscione; A.L. Crowther; M. Ekins; M. Eleaume; C.A. Farrelly; J.K. Finn; M.N. Georgieva; A. Graham; M. Gomon; K. Gowlett-Holmes; L. Gunton; A. Hallan; A.M. Hosie; P. Hutchings; H. Kise; F. Kohler; J.A. Konsgrud; E. Kupriyanova; C.C. Lu; M. Mackenzie; C. Mah; H. MacIntosh; K.L. Merrin; A. Miskelly; M.L. Mitchell; K. Moore; A. Murray; P.M. O'Loughlin; H. Paxton; J.J. Pogonoski; D. Staples; J.E. Watson; R.S. Wilson; J. Zhang; N.J. Bax The lower bathyal and abyssal seafloor fauna of eastern Australia 2020 Document
Y.Mei Tan; O. Dalby; G.A. Kendrick; J. Statton; E.A. Sinclair; M.W. Fraser; P.I. Macreadie; C.L. Gillies; R.A. Coleman; M. Waycott; Kjent van Dijk; A. Vergés; J.D. Ross; M.L. Campbell; F.E. Matheson; E.L. Jackson; A.D. Irving; L.L. Govers; R.M. Connolly; I.M. McLeod; M.A. Rasheed; H. Kirkman; M.R. Flindt; T. Lange; A.D. Miller; C.D.H. Sherman Seagrass restoration is possible: Insights and lessons from Australia and New Zealand. 2020 Document
N.R. Perkins; G.R. Hosack; S.D. Foster; J. Monk; N. Barrett Monitoring the resilience of a no-take marine reserve to a range extending species using benthic imagery 2020 Document
P. Hedge; E.Ingrid van Putten; C. Hunter; M. Fischer Perceptions, motivations and practices for Indigenous engagement in marine science in Australia 2020 Document
R. Przeslawski; S.D. Foster Field Manuals for Marine Sampling to Monitor Australian Waters, Version 2 2020 Document
R. Przeslawski; B. Bennett; L. Bell Digital Platforms for Marine Science Data and Information - infographic 2020 Image
T. O'Hara; A. Williams; S.N.C. Woolley; A.W. Nau; N.J. Bax Deep-sea temperate-tropical faunal transition across uniform environmental gradients 2020 Document
V. Udyawer; R. Somaweera; C. Nitschke; B.’ Anastasi; K. Sanders; B.L. Webber; M. Hourston; M.R. Heupel Prioritising search effort to locate previously unknown populations of endangered marine reptiles 2020 Document
N. Waltham Restoration Showcase June 2020 - Webinar Presentation - "Rebuilding coastal wetland ecosystems in Great Barrier Reef catchments" 2020 Presentation


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