The complete mitochondrial genome of the Freshwater Whipray Himantura dalyensis is presented in this study. It is 17,693 bp in length and contains 37 genes in typical gene order and transcriptional orientation observed in vertebrates. There were a total of 86 bp short intergenic spacers and 22 bp overlaps in the genome. The overall base composition was 31.4% A, 25.5% C, 13.2% G and 29.9% T. Two start codons (GTG and ATG) and two stop codons (TAG and TAA/T) were found in 13 protein-coding genes. The length of 22 tRNA genes ranged from 68 (tRNA-Cys and tRNA-Ser2) to 75 bp (tRNA-Leu1). The origin of L-strand replication (OL) was found between the tRNA-Asn and tRNA-Cys genes. The base composition of the control region (1940 bp) was similar to the whole mitogenome.

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