Dwarf sawfish Pristis clavata species information - Fact Sheet

Conservation Status of Dwarf sawfish Pristis clavata:

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species: Critically Endangered
Commonwealth: Vulnerable
Northern Territory: Vulnerable

The Dwarf Sawfish is a relatively small sawfish with 18-22 evenly spaced teeth on each side of the rostrum, with the teeth starting near the rostral base, a dorsal-fin origin over or slightly behind the pelvic-fin origin, and a feeble lower lobe to the caudal fin.

Born at 60-81 cm in length and attains at least 318 cm.

The exact range of the Dwarf Sawfish is uncertain. There are a handful of historical records from outside of Australia, but it is possibly now found only in northern Australian waters. Despite claims from the east coast of Australia, it has not been confirmed there and so may be restricted to the Gulf of Carpentaria, west across to the Top End to the Kimberley. It occurs in coastal and estuarine environments, and penetrates upstream into rivers, but not into freshwater.

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