Northern River Shark Glyphis garricki species information - Fact Sheet

Conservation Status of  Northern River Shark Glyphis garricki:

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species: Critically Endangered
Commonwealth: Endangered
Northern Territory: Endangered

The Northern River Shark is a rather large whaler shark. It is characterised by its small eyes, a second dorsal fin which is three-quarters the height of the first dorsal fin, a short and broadly rounded snout, and upper teeth which are triangular and serrated, and which are broader than the lower teeth. The 'watermark' marking on the side of the head extends well below the eyes.

Born at 50-60 cm in length and reaches about 250-300 cm.

The Northern River Shark is found only in a small number of rivers and estuaries across northern Australia and southern New Guinea. In Australia, it has a limited range in the Northern Territory and northwestern Western Australia.

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