This product provides planners and managers with biologically informed predictions about the patterns in species abundance, species richness and species evenness of seabed fishes on the outer shelf and slope in the SEMR. It can be used as follows: 1.To provide scientific analysis and input to planners and managers with the responsibility to conserve and managed marine biodiversity in the SEMR; 2. As a biological data input to models, where appropriate, of the marine environment in the SEMR (e.g. Marxan); 3. To compare predictions in patterns of seabed biodiversity in the SEMR with the findings of future biological surveys; and 4. To produce maps of predicted spatial patterns of species abundance, species richness and species evenness for seabed fishes in depths from 50 to 900 metres from 35oS to 44oS; It will be of value in planning and managing the conservation of marine biological diversity in the SEMR, particularly in relation to predicting areas of high biodiversity when there is very little or no biological data.
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