This product provides planners and managers with the most recent and complete information about the predicted seabed assemblage patterns of marine fauna, at a range of scales, in the EMR, based on extensive analyses of species responses to the physical environment. It can be used as follows:  1. To produce maps of predicted patterns of seabed assemblage of marine fauna (i.e. benthic invertebrates and demersal fish combined) in the EMR; 2. To provide the results of scientific analysis of extensive biological data to planners and managers with the responsibility to conserve and manage seabed biodiversity in the EMR (e.g. MPA planning and management); 3. As a biologically informed data input to models of the marine environment in the EMR, where appropriate (e.g. Marxan); and 4. To identify areas of highest priority for future seabed biodiversity surveys, the findings of which can be compared with these predictions of seabed assemblage patterns of marine fauna in the EMR.

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