November 13, 2018

Read about the achievements of Australia's Integrated Marine Observing system (IMOS) in its twelfth year of operation.

IMOS undertakes systematic and sustained observing of Australia's vast and valuable marine estate.  All of its data is openly accessible to the marine and climate science community, international collaborators, and other stakeholders and users.

This year's highlights include an overview of the past year, a brief description of how IMOS works, and a selection of science highlights illustrating the many ways in which our research infrastructure is being used for the benefit of Australians.

Assessing ocean productivity, improving ocean forecasting, providing high quality wave data, tracking marine species, assessing seafloor communities, monitoring extreme events, and informing sustainable development of natural resources. As a national marine observing system with a clear focus on data access and use, IMOS provides robust information that is relevant to all of these issues and many others.

The achievements highlighted in this document are drawn from a handful of publications and reports that had a total of 119 different authors from 50 institutions, both national and international. This simple statistic provides an insight into the breadth of use that IMOS is enabling.

IMOS is a national collaborative research infrastructure, supported by the Australian Government.