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7 February 2020

Request a free poster

Our new, double-sided 'Code Red' poster outlines coordinated action backed by research, government, industry and the community to save Tasmania's Red Handfish and Spotted Handfish.

22 January 2020

Setting out to survey our southern-most coral reefs

A Marine Biodiversity Hub team has embarked on a voyage to survey marine life at Elizabeth and Middleton reefs in the bountiful Lord Howe Island Marine Park.

A Speartooth Shark pup
21 November 2019

Sampling Speartooth Sharks on the remote Lower Ord River

In 2015, Hub researchers stumbled across a previously unknown population of Speartooth Sharks in the Lower Ord River. Last month they returned to sample the species for a population genetics study.

Tim Moltmann
11 November 2019

Farewell to outgoing IMOS Director, Tim Moltmann

Outgoing IMOS director Tim Moltmann has long championed national and international collaboration in marine observation

A sand filled hessian bag on the seabed with Amphibolis antarctica seedlings attached
11 November 2019

Working together to restore seagrasses at Shark Bay

Hub researchers are working with Malgana Traditional Owners to assist the natural recovery of seagrasses devastated by a marine heatwave at Shark Bay.

Red Emperor eat from the bait bag on the seafloor
10 September 2019

Ningaloo survey finds deep treasures worth protecting

A benchmark survey at Ningaloo Marine Park (Commonwealth waters), finds hidden treasures in the lesser-known depths of Ningaloo reef.

A Red Handfish on the seafloor
22 August 2019

One patch two patch: last stand for the Red Handfish?

Scientists, managers, industry and the community are mobilising to help save Tasmania's Red Handfish from extinction.

Marine life on rocky reefs off eastern Tasmania.
2 July 2019

Urchins, sharks and shipwrecks: plotting life on Tasmania’s seafloor

Hub PhD student Darryn Sward has been flying an ROV across the seafloor off Bicheno and the Tasman Peninsula: surveying fish and urchins, and building best-practice approaches.

A surfer at a Sydney beach
18 June 2019

Australia's pristine beaches have a poo problem

Sydney's affluent eastern suburbs have raw and untreated sewage from 3,500 people discharged directly into the Tasman Sea.

Caribbean reef fish filmed by the stereo BRUVS
5 June 2019

Our standards are spreading: from sampling the eels and sponges of St Lucia, to sorting Sydney's cryptic crabs

Our Field Manuals for Marine Sampling are being consulted in salty surveys around the world, from the silty North Sea to the glorious reefs of the Caribbean.


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