Trawlers in the Northern Prawn Fishery
17 October 2018

Fishers offer Narrow Sawfish a helping hand

Scientists and fishers have embarked on a new project to learn more about the risks facing Narrow Sawfish in Northern Australia.

17 October 2018

It's International Sawfish Day

Charles Darwin University and the Northern Prawn Fishery are launching a project to study the Narrow Sawfish across Northern Australia. Image: Dr Peter Kyne

Sawfish Day is an annual event to raise awareness of these vulnerable animals and to highlight the threats they face in order to safeguard their future. Now in its second year, help raise awareness of this special day and of these magnificent marine animals,by sharing these links with your social networks:

Charles Darwin Media...
A satellite image of the Daly River estuary, NT.
1 September 2018

Reading the tides: harnessing satellite imagery to monitor estuarine habitats in northern Australia

Northern Australia's vast river estuaries and coastal wetlands provide vital habitat for threatened and migratory species. Satellite imagery may be an effective way to monitor how they change over time.

An illustration of stylised people sitting on shipping containers to depict wastewater discharges
29 August 2018

First national snapshot of wastewater discharged to Australia's oceans

The total volume of wastewater discharged to Australia’s oceans in 2016 was 1350 gigalitres: equivalent to 2.7 Sydney harbours.

8 August 2018

Bass Strait's Boags Marine Park reveals its vast and remarkable dunes

A remarkable swatch of Bass Strait – part of the South-east network of offshore Australian Marine Parks – was mapped in July by a Marine Biodiversity Hub team in partnership with Parks Australia.

Coral and fishes on a coral reef in the Coral Sea
25 July 2018

Marine heatwave off north-eastern Australia shakes up coral reef animal populations

Warmer temperatures are affecting important groups of coral reef animals in ways that may reduce the capacity of corals to rebuild after bleaching.

2 July 2018

Request a free poster

The Marine Hub has created the following two-sided posters from its marine biodiversity research:

The FV Bluefin mapping at night in Beagle Marine Park
25 June 2018

Mapping past and present in Beagle Marine Park

We’re mapping the seabed in the Beagle Marine Park, which bridges the Tasmanian and Victorian borders in north-eastern Bass Strait. Learn more from our survey leaders.

Scientist and Traditional Owner on vessel
18 June 2018

Sea country research: exploring successes and challenges in Indigenous engagement

Coordinated actions by institutions and individuals at all levels of planning and implementation are needed to advance sea-country research in Australia.

15 June 2018

May 2018 newsletter - "The Striped Trumpeter"

Welcome to The Striped Trumpeter, a quarterly round-up of stories, videos, journal articles, reports and data from the NESP Marine Biodiversity Hub.


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