3 July 2019

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Our new, double-sided 'Code Red' poster outlines coordinated action backed by research, government, industry and the community to save Tasmania's Red Handfish and Spotted Handfish.

Marine life on rocky reefs off eastern Tasmania.
2 July 2019

Urchins, sharks and shipwrecks: plotting life on Tasmania’s seafloor

Hub PhD student Darryn Sward has been flying an ROV across the seafloor off Bicheno and the Tasman Peninsula: surveying fish and urchins, and building best-practice approaches.

A surfer at a Sydney beach
18 June 2019

Australia's pristine beaches have a poo problem

Sydney's affluent eastern suburbs have raw and untreated sewage from 3,500 people discharged directly into the Tasman Sea.

Caribbean reef fish filmed by the stereo BRUVS
5 June 2019

Our standards are spreading: from sampling the eels and sponges of St Lucia, to sorting Sydney's cryptic crabs

Our Field Manuals for Marine Sampling are being consulted in salty surveys around the world, from the silty North Sea to the glorious reefs of the Caribbean.

Seafloor habitat types off northern Australia, displayed on Seamap.
29 April 2019

Making the first national seafloor habitat map

Visualising the distribution of seafloor types and marine life in relation to resource management boundaries and enviroronmental pressures.

Fish gathering around a baited underwater camera
1 April 2019

Mapping the life mesophotic

Fishes in the Port Stephens-Great Lakes and Hunter marine parks off New South Wales are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a rocky reef to dine out on.

9 March 2019

Young hammerhead sharks like staying close to home

Young hammerhead sharks tagged and tracked off Western Australia and Queensland are building a picture of their coastal movements.

23 January 2019

Research from the abyss reveals new species are evolving fastest in Antarctica

New research on abyssal brittle stars shows that the evolution of marine species does not follow one course, but rather depends on the geological, climatic and biological history of each ecosystem.

Candice Untiedt of CSIRO and gold corals.  Image CSIRO
19 December 2018

New deep-sea delights discovered in marine parks south of Tasmania

Media Release

New areas of deep-sea coral reef and more than 100 unnamed species – including corals, lobsters and molluscs– have been discovered on undersea mountains in marine parks south of Tasmania.

Scientists and park managers returned to Hobart today after a four-week survey of the seamounts on CSIRO research vessel Investigator led by CSIRO.

The CSIRO deep-tow camera in front of the Investigator
23 November 2018

Scientists and marine park managers go deep to study unique life on marine mountains

Scientists and Australian Marine Park managers on the Investigator are surveying deep coral reefs and a rare aggregation of spawning eels at underwater mountains or ‘seamounts’ off Tasmania.


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