June 7, 2013

This workshop aims to bring together CSIRO and invited external experts who have expertise or are currently working on the processing of acoustics data and automated video data processing for the purposes of fisheries and environmental monitoring. The applications of the acoustics and video data processing include, but not limited to, (1) reconstructing bathymetry maps, processing bathymetry and backscatter images produced from Multibeam Sonar Systems (MBSS) to generate products such as habitat maps and rugosity indices; and (2) automated object recognition and length measurements in the stereo HD video footage of longline, gillnet and toothfish fishing operations, and Baited Remote Underwater Video data streams.

The workshop is intended to identify (1) what are the primary statistical and logistical challenges associated with processing of MBSS data, and automated video analysis for fisheries and environmental monitoring; (2) who is doing what in this area within and outside CSIRO in Australia; (3) what are the opportunities for future collaboration both within CSIRO and between CSIRO and external centres of expertise; (4) what are opportunities going forward in the use, and value adding, of these technologies and data streams? The workshop will also discuss: (1) “where is Wealth From Oceans Flagship going in this space” as CMAR, CMIS and CESRE all have a valuable input, and (2) commercial opportunities in the future.

The workshop will also provide an opportunity for the participants to network and identify research synergies, emergent research challenges, potential projects and priorities in the proposed areas, and to foster collaborations and form partnerships by teaming up in areas of common interest.

The workshop will include invited presentations by leading scientists to provide addresses on the use and analysis of MBSS data and automated video processing for fisheries and environmental monitoring.

Dadong Wang, Leanne Bischof, Keith Hayes, CSIRO Mathematics, Informatics and Statistics
Stefan Williams, University of Sydney

Location: Hobart

Workshop program

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