Darwin Harbour.  Image Peter Kyne
Darwin Harbour. Image: Peter Kyne

(Previous project title: Scoping a seascape approach to managing and recovering Northern Australian threatened and migratory marine species)

Northern Australia is the current focus of substantial economic development, which has the potential to impact biodiversity and cultural values. The Northern Seascape scoping project will assess the status of knowledge of EPBC-listed Threatened and Migratory Marine species, and pressures, Indigenous priorities, habitats, fisheries bycatch, and EPBC referrals in relation to them across the North Marine Bioregion (coast to EEZ edge). The focus will be at the multiple taxa level, including elasmobranchs, shorebirds, turtles and cetaceans. The project will scope research needs and directions for a broad Northern Seascape project (2018–2020), by identifying future research hotspots.