Scoping of potential species for ship strike risk analysis

This report provides the results from the Phase 1 of the NESP project C5/A2 Quantification of risk from shipping to large marine fauna.  The objective of the first phase of the project was to complete a review of large marine fauna species to identify a subset of species that a risk analysis could be undertaken on in Phase 2. A systematic approach was used to evaluate each species in terms of priority and feasibility, based on the following:

Priority -  This assessment was to provide an evaluation of species for which the national modelling of risk would be both useful from a management context (e.g. a species has a high threat status) and that ship strike has been established as a known risk, and

Feasibility - This assessment was used to indicate how practical an analysis of the species would be within the project timeframe. The main aspect is availability of suitable data that could be used to model risk for that species at a national level.

To ensure that the research is most useful in management context, it is important to balance Priority and Feasibility to determine achievable projects. Once Priority and Feasibility had been assessed, then these were combined to determine overall Suitability for national modelling of the risk of vessel strike.

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