Researcher, PhD student

Marine Invertebrates Museum Victoria GPO Box 666 Melbourne Vic 3001 Australia

+61 3 8341 7641

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Current activities

I’m a PhD candidate in the Quantitative & Applied Ecology Group at the School of Botany, University of Melbourne and Museum Victoria. I am supervised by Brendan Wintle (UM) and Tim O’Hara (MV).

My research aims to describe and explore drivers of macro-ecological patterns of seafloor biodiversity, including species richness, beta-diversity, community composition and the spatial aggregation of rare species, where rare can mean being uncommon, regionally endemic or a habitat specialist.

I will be using an increasingly growing data set (we’re going global!) on brittle stars (Ophiuroidea) and squat lobsters (Galatheoidea) as my model species. If you have any interest in my research, feel free to contact me at


For further background and info check out my blog:

Academic qualifications

Bachelor of Science, The University of Melbourne.

Master of Science, The University of Melbourne.

Membership of key national committees